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Cara Thomas 

"My daughter absolutely loved her first year of cheerleading with Premier Athletics! It was wonderful to see her learn new things, gain confidence, make new friends, and most of all have fun. We can’t wait for next season!" 

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Molly Romer 

" My daughter Nora is in the 4th grade and is in her 5th year with cheer, 3rd year with Premier.  When we joined Premier I noticed Nora really having a lot of fun with her friends while also boosting her confidence with what she was capable of doing.    Allison and her team have given her the ability to have fun while also pushing her to be the best cheerleader she can be.   We will be back next year!! "


Eric Carson 

"My daughter has been in Recreational Cheer since 1st grade and with Premier since they opened in 2019.   She is now in 7th grade.  The skills she learned with Premier allowed her to tryout and make her middle school cheer team with ease!!"

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Sarah Nelson 

"My daughter Carly has absolutely loved being a part of the Premier Athletics Rising Stars cheer team. Not only has she learned a lot and had a blast at the competitions, but she’s also made some great friends! She can’t wait to come back next year. As a parent, this program is just the right amount of time commitment at an affordable price. I’d recommend Premier Athletics to any aspiring cheerleader! "

Tiffany Arnold

"My daughter has cheered with Premier for four seasons. She loves doing the performances and getting to cheer at football games. We like that it is a rec league - lots of opportunities, but not too much pressure." 

Stephanie Jennings

"My daughter cheered for Premier Athletics for five years and it was a wonderful experience. The environment was a positive one, very welcoming to children of all ages and skill level. The combination of sideline cheer plus a few performances throughout the season was a great balance to prepare her for tryouts for school teams down the road. The camps Premier Athletics offers are a great benefit and value to the community, especially if a child is wanting to get a glimpse of what cheer is all about before committing to a team/season. Allison has done a great job building this organization and providing an opportunity for children to participate in cheer at a reasonable price."

"My daughter, Ashlynn Stanton has cheer for Premiere athletics for five years. She has loved every bit of it. She can’t wait for the next year to come to continue her experience. The environment is such a positive place. She welcomes all ages from kindergarten to sixth grade. All school levels are welcome to. They learn so much. They cheer at games and have several performances throughout the season. All of this will prepare the girls to try out in middle school.  She offers camps sideline cheer and competitive cheer so if you have girls kindergarten through sixth grade, please join us."

Tera Stanton

Kathleen Thompson

"We have been cheering with Premier Athletics for 2 years on the rec cheer team and competition team.  It has been an incredible experience for our 11-year-old.  This early exposure to the sport of cheering has impacted her life favorably.  She is learning basic skills and techniques essential to the sport and building a positive self-image along the way.  The positive environment that Coach Allison fosters promotes an upbeat atmosphere for learning.  She is learning basic sideline cheer skills as well as competition experience.  This well-rounded approach will benefit her in middle school and high school.  The cost is reasonable, and the season allows her to explore other interests outside of cheer!  As a parent volunteer, I work alongside some fantastic cheerleaders and help build and foster positive team relationships"

Abby Parker

"My daughter has cheered with Premier Athletics for five years and we have been extremely satisfied.  She joined in 2nd grade with no prior experience and her coaches have helped teach her the fundamentals and basic skills needed to advance from year to year.    Premier Athletics provides a rec cheer club that offers both sideline and competitive squads that do not require a huge financial or time commitment. My daughter has gained confidence in herself, has grown as a leader, and has developed a passion for the sport of cheerleading during her time with Premier Athletics."

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